Friday, February 27, 2009

Where are we heading ?

I actually thought the leaders are taking us forward into the world of globalization but I am wrong. We are now witnessing the movies scene in real live. Verbal and physical harassment are displayed.

What has becoming of our politicians? Are they really leaders? Are they ought to be placed and respected accordingly? The general election is over, now is the time to work together for the nation. For instance, work a formula to solve the toll increase in order to have a win win situation for both parties. Don't forget the concessionaires too employed a fraction of the rakyat. So these leaders please contribute and not only good at being critical.

I also urged the enforcement bodies equipped your personnel with all the knowledge and never uncertainties in meting out your duties.Overcome these weaknesses you will gain respect.

Leaders there is no end to learning and do not allow greed and conceited control you and if you are weak bow out. BN leaders if you wish to continue govern the country alot of changes need to be done and for PR leaders if you all think PR is the best alternative have patience,you just can't create unrest to overthrow the ruling BN.This is not a movie and don't be picky on others weaknesses prove your worth first.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Enough! Now The Rakyat

Since March 2008 GE nothing new or changes but more chaotic and tense. Both the BN and PR seems no different.

Why can't both parties since the mandate given by the rakyat, prove itself who govern better and when come the GE 13 then the rakyat will be less confused which party to choose. As I see now, it is not impossible another group will appear to challenge BN and PR ie. those do not have any good or bad history with BN or PR.

Current so call leaders are more engross in upholding their so call rights and uttered some out of
context interpretations and hurled all sort of accusations. Those are the people we call leaders. Allow me to remind these, we have judiciary body to interpret go to them for clarifications and we have all relevant of enforcement bodies go to them for facts finding. Instead these leaders resort to public arbitration. the public comprises of so many walks of life and their perception varies.

So I urged the so call leaders think of the rakyat and the coming threats of rakyat livelihood and prove though you leaders differ in political ideologies but still share the one goal "the betterment of the rakyat".