Monday, September 15, 2008

Police defend ISA arrests posted by null at Malaysiakini

" He said these brought about a state of racial unrest and religious tension in the country.

"After carefully assessing the situation, the police had no choice but to act swiftly to prevent the situation from getting out of control," he added.

The deputy police chief also noted that an arrest is made under the ISA only when the police strongly believe that these acts can pose a serious threat to public order." - Extraction as posted by Malaysiakini.


I will try to understand them, be grateful for their sacrifices, appreciate the contributions and will be critical for a better Royal Malaysian Police and above all the peace and harmony of this country.

Let us try to determine the nature or condition of the police force.

The force has the allegiance to their employer to fulfill i.e. the government. On the other hand they are legally and morally bound by their oaths to uphold the laws of the land. Thirdly their obligations to the tax-payers and last but not least to their conscience.

The above 4 obligations, which of the 4 they need to choose or which combination of the 4 or all the obligations? The choice is the dilemma.

What is best the force should do during this trying time, they must be absolutely sure of their actions though their proactive actions helped. This I believed their contention. On the other hand the authority need also to look at the perspective of other interested party or parties.

Who is actually the boss? The government or the rakyat. This is the line that need to be drawn.

Generally for the layman understanding, it should be looked at at this perspective.

1. Rakyat isthe boss of the government.(democracy perspective)
2. The government is the boss of all civil servants.
3. All civil servants includes the army(though it has its own commission) the allegiance is to the government.
4. Judiciary will act as arbitrator on any dispute.

I hope whatever actions or enforcement being carried out by the Police Force do it in good faith as the functions are so venerable. Be firmed but respectful, advise those who need them, But more professional and serve the country righteously.

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