Saturday, September 27, 2008

Food - Just be grateful for what you're blessed - ref Malaysiakini

It was tragic for Teresa Kok as reported that her house was attack. The motives can be anything. The ISA and Dog Food issue and perhaps other motives not established.

I am touching only on food. Teresa on the very instance should be grateful that she was released and able to have edible food for consumption. Look around her from a smaller radius to a bigger one there are huge number of people who don't even have regular meals and a lot more are starving and even death due to starvation.

She is just lucky to still have good food and enjoy a comfortable life but sometime luck is not always be with you and when such day call at your door step nothing can be done.

Food is something sensitive just like race and religion. Always have a second thought before unpleasant comment is made about food. Go anywhere in the world no one person has the same taste as another. To be grateful one should observe the true fasting of Ramadhan.

A good leader should be sensitive to her surroundings and never expect a respect, "EARN YOUR RESPECT ".Let us ponder together are we all truly grateful though no one human being can have everything ???


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Anonymous said...

It is time to have a new set of thinking.

First, our oil reserve will be run out in 20 years, we need someone who can lead the nation forward with limited resource, someone likes Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. So, we need to make mental preparation for a Chinese malaysian to become the Prime Minister in 10 ~ 15 years from now.

Second, we need to have courage to forge integration, it is important to combine Chinese wisdom, Muslim value and Western management skills. For a starting point, lets try:
Metal : Shahada : Vision
Fire : Salar : Consistency
Wood : Zakat : Hard Working
Earth : Siyam : Core Competency
Water : Haji : Strategic Alliance

Third, we are starting to create a warefare state and pour huge resources to create a social safety net. This is going to limit the productivity input of the government spending. As a result, we need a vibrant private sector to take the lead. It is not a matter of size but the intangible effect of creative spark.