Friday, September 19, 2008

Everything is coming thru' - ref Malaysiakini

Well, PM has said no need for Parliament special sitting, after all the session will reconvene on 13th October and anybody can say their bits during that session.

Teressa was also being released. So Malaysian, in particular the Muslim Malaysian let us perform our last 10 days of Ramadhan religiously and celebrate Aidil Fitri with a true spirit of victory.

Opps! Anwar has his sodomy case on 24th Sept., never mind he is under the good and competent lawyers. The truth will prevail.

How about 9th of October?

PM under pressure to quit by Oct 9 - Malaysiakini

The Umno supreme council which met yesterday saw several of its senior members demanding party president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step down before Oct 9.

Anything coming???

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Anonymous said...

I think Dato Anwar is damanging his chance of being the PM badly. He is just doing thing step by step, he will take over from Dato Najib in 2 to 3 years time. But, he is just being too smart for his own good. It is time, DAP and PAS to distance themselves away from Dato Anwar. Pak Lah will survive and be PM until 2010. If he is being push too hard, we can form alliance with Dato Anwar. In this case, Dato Najib will lose his chance of being PM. There is absolutely nothing the 6th PM can do to help Malaysia to pregress. Let's keep our figure cross that we will get a better candidate for the 7th PM.