Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Muhyiddin: Anwar uses my name to woo MPs - at Malaysiakini

Extractions from Malaysiakini.

" Umno vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin today blasted Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim for his psychological war against Barisan Nasional in the bid to topple the government.


He also revealed that former Umno strongman Anwar was using his (Muhyiddin's) name to entice other BN parliamentarians to join the Pakatan Rakyat alliance."

"Why is he so obsessed with taking over power that is legitimate. Why does he want to form a government through an undemocratic way," asked the minister, adding that he has faith in BN MPs who have pledged their loyalty to the ruling coalition.

"We should hold on to the pledge - (the defection) is fake, false and untrue," he said."

Why Anwar Ibrahim is so impatient?

1. He has to, there is a pending case against him.

2. DNA ACT will be debated soon and he require a majority to stop the go.

3. The urge to fulfill his personal ambition of becoming a PM is burning hot.

4. He is 61 if to wait for GE13 he will be 66 and if he succeed he has only one term and the most two. Again if the voters by then swing back to BN, than he will only be dreaming.


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Anonymous said...

Dato Anwar is not going to be the PM, maybe his daughter has a better chance.

Why Tan Sri Muhyiddin's name is used? It is because if Pak Lah or Dato Najib try to remove Tan Sri, he will have another option, i.e. to lead a few MP from UMNO to join Dato Anwar and he will get the promised DPM post.

The threat to topple BN is real because there are many fractions within UMNO and BN, it is a dedicate balance. No one is dare to upset the balance too much. As a result, if someone who is wise enough to use the right amount leverage, he can alter the chemistry of Malaysia's politics.