Monday, September 15, 2008

Parents allowed to visit Kok - posted by Malaysiakini

"Parents of Seputeh parliamentarian Teresa Kok have been given access to visit their detained daughter at federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman today."

Reading the news at Malaysiakini, that Teresa was allowed visitors is some changes the government has looked into when earlier the counsel was refused.

Nevertheless, the change of mood by the government perceived more humane but the melancholy of one family will never be overcome. The wishes of a dying daughter to see his father detained under ISA was not taken seriously and when it was too late the request was only granted.

1. What can this attitude be summed-up?

2. Is it because Teresa is a politician and attained numerous sympathisers and protests?

3. What happen to those nobody will they rot just like that?

4. Are we really a caring Malaysian?

Though the Malaysian reactions are perceived more caring but all of us owe an apology to the dying girl which has left us (god bless her soul)with the uncaring and don't enough consciousness. My humble apologies and regrets for my sins extended to the parents for not doing enough.

This issue was raised because ISA is the current popular subject since 08 March 2008.


Khairul Zaman

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