Monday, September 15, 2008

PM gets shelling for crackdown - posted by Malaysiakini

"Civil groups, rights activists and political leaders - both local and international - condemn the PM for detaining without trial three people under the draconian ISA."

"Abdullah, a career civil servant, is now facing calls from within his own Umno party to step down as well as a looming challenge from opposition icon Anwar Ibrahim, who has promised voters to form a new government by Sept 16."

"Why then is this poor 33-year-old girl being detained under the most draconian of laws in Malaysia where she cannot even claim trial? It is blatant discrimination that the man who made seditious statements still walks free while the person who reported him is disproportionately and inappropriately punished," said MCA leader Chua Jui Meng."

"I have spoken to the prime minister on the phone today urging him to request Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar to immediately release her," said S Samy Vellu, MIC president."

"Every time someone is arrested under the Internal Security Act, it gives rise to a perception that the government is unable to charge and convict the person under existing laws, said Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam."

"Shabery, who expressed gratefulness over the release of Tan, said the action clearly reflected that ISA detention was not a long-term punishment and was only to deter people from making statements that could jeopardise national security."

"De facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim today threatened to resign if the government continues to use the Internal Security Act, which allows detention without trial, against any individuals."

The above statements were quoted from Malaysiakini news.

May be PR first failure on the moves of "no confidence" shed some light above? If PR is really serious about the issue, this is the right time to lobby for supports. Let me remind the PR members doing this one must not be hasty, you politicians must take one step at a time and

What the rakyat wished are:

1. To have a stable Malaysia, may it be in politics, economy, nation interaction, education etc,etc.

2. A sound, firm leadership with a firm subordinates to support the leadership for all the well being of the rakyat.

3. The rakyat needs a leader with visions and productive but not a leader who wish to outdo his predecessors.

Looking at the current trend and the above quotes statements, I feel this is the right time to make a second try, from here the rakyat can have a better yardstick to gauge the sincerity of the leaders, especially those from the government supporters.

In doing so, PR must not do it with the intetion to rule as yet, but to rectify the flaws of the current leadership. I am optimistic the rakyat knows how to evaluate who actually has the rakyat in their heart. They are now more matured and analytical than some leaders think.


Khairul Zaman


Ikrak said...

What the rakyat one is the total and final immediate destruction of BN-UMNO regime, its leaders, office bearers, cronies, supporter including the devilish satan Mahadir son of Iskander Kutty and his entire family members!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia, Heritage Associations, Malay Cultural Organisations and Related Bodies Cooperation Network yesterday lodged police reports against Teresa Kok over her "alleged act" to prohibit the azan call. As a social and cultural associations, they should show to the general public that they are run by good intellectuals who can provide good examples on righteousness, fairness and integrity. To make such police reports after the fact that the Masjid had denied the involvement of Teresa Kok on the azan issue, the confirmation by the residence association that Teresa Kok did not initiate any petition and that the blogger at the Pembelamelayu Blog has appologized on the mistakened allegations made by him, it makes one wonder what is the motive of such police reports now! It has been told that Islam forbids slander against anyone. So in this holy month, why are such actions taking place against the truth and supporting lies by these muslim associations?

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