Saturday, September 13, 2008

US summons M'sian envoy posted by null at Malaysiakini

"US summons M'sian envoy

Sep 13, 08 10:32am

The United States summoned Friday Malaysia's top envoy in Washington to protest its crackdown on dissent at a time when the opposition was attempting to take over power in Kuala Lumpur.


Ilango Karuppannan, the charge d'affaires of the Malaysian embassy, was summoned to the State Department after an opposition politician, a prominent blogger and a journalist were held under a law allowing indefinite detention without trial, a diplomatic source said.

The move came amid fears in Kuala Lumpur that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's government was planning a larger crackdown as Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim scrambled to oust the government with parliamentary defections.

"Peaceful expression of political opinions is a fundamental right and critical to a democracy," a State Department official told AFP.

"The United States believes that the Malaysian government should provide due process and treatment consistent with Malaysian law and international standards," said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"We expect that democratic countries that purport to advocate free expression of political views will not curtail such freedom," the official said following the trio's arrest.

This is the second time Ilango was summoned to the State Department in a month."

Again another interference by the watchdog of Anwar Ibrahim. Part of extraction was extracted from

The questions are:

1.Why the anxieties too glaring?

2. Why the watchdog turned snoopy when linked to Anwar's interest?

Though, the legitimate BN government has alot of issues to address on its credibility, integrity and impartiality nevertheless as an independent country, US need to respect it and without any outside influence the Malaysian must show the world of their capabilities to choose the right government of their choice.

Come on Malaysian have your own stand! Don't allow your pride and dignity be challenged. Together we shall prevail!!!!!

Good Luck

Khairul Zaman

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