Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ahmad Ismail - Valourous or Timorous

Datuk Ahmad Ismail was slapped 3 years suspension but unperturbed by the imposition and made an assertion that he will come back and plan a country tour by

Claimed by Ahmad Ismail whatever he had raised was within the context of UMNO and the party represented the majority malay members. Though he was only a division head of one branch he has the locus standi to speak out the frustration of his own race. If a malay himself is not allowed to speak up for his own ethnic who else better to do so?

Speaking up for their own ethnic group to me is natural. During TDM's tenure the issue of Sekolah Wawasan and chinese schools and the mother tongue language was also a hot topics which not only being participated by political parties but also the chinese educationist association but with a right approach and tolerance the issue was resolved amicably.

So the golden questions are:-

1. Is the punishment meted on Ahmad Ismail adequate and fair?

2. Will the act of punishing Ahmad Ismail will resolved the Malay frustrations?

3. Is the action taken against Ahmad Ismail religiously accepted by BN component parties?

4. Is Ahmad Ismail actions against the behavioural approach to social phenomena?

5. Why his actions was supported by all branches of Penang UMNO?

6. Was Ahmad Ismail more influential and competent compared to AAB?

7. Can UMNO supreme council dispel with action taken against Ahmad Ismail no new birth of Ahmad Ismail?

What I can comprehend right now, the actions taken were just to tone down the anxieties but not actually resolving it and Ahmad Ismail is the "scapegoat".

Who's incompetency actually in question? I am of the opinion these so called leaders should resolved based on the win win situation. AAB should have first restrain Ahmad Ismail from raising the issue further and not to be part of the second PC that was held by Ahmad Ismail
and simultaneously as the Chairman of BN seek practicality to soothe the affected parties to
also refrain from further aggravating the issues until a more conducive and fair decisions derived.

My only hope,every individuals who wish to be leaders gauged their capability and competency first and know and realise when to exit. Having strong support is not enough to be a "GOOD,COMPETENT and FAIR LEADER".

Khairul Zaman (WarongKopi)

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