Friday, March 27, 2009

Change in Line up, meaning change in practice?

1. The UMNO election concluded, new faces elected all with a big smile and observed
some were just overjoyed on their victory. What is or are actually in their

a) Reform and transform UMNO to be acceptable by the majority of rakyat? or
b) Back to the old habits.

2. Looking at the result of the line up, majority had lived to the principles of
UMNO's struggle in their own way. But the worrying point, are the black spots
found in the new line up which might be contagious if not cured or removed. Just
puzzled with the reps whom have decided to chose the black spots.

3. The scenarios though yet to conclude had portrayed the insensitivity of UMNO
predicaments.Do UMNO members need a bigger tsunami to roll over and left with

4. I really hope that the sincere ones will consolidate their efforts to rid these
diseases out of the organisation. No more sentimental feelings, no more
obligation, you baked the burnt cake you eat it.

5. What ever perceptions being hurled against UMNO, and whatever negative
infiltrations are being inculcated against UMNO, this organisation is still
championing the ingenous group and simultaneously cared for other Malaysian.

6. So wake up UMNO members, reach the rakyat, erase the negative images and repond
constructively for the betterment of Malaysian and Malaysia with all the fairness
and legitimacy.

I wish well for UMNO

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