Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Congratulation - PDRM

In the wake of every eyes on UMNO AGM,I am taking this moment to congratulate our Royal Malaysian Police on the 202 years of existence.The theme for this year "Tegas,Adil dan Berhemah".

It is a fact without the existence of the force you can see more unruly deeds occurring.Though all situations are under control but if things are not monitored the already created tense will explode. Again we all should be grateful to the Police Force despite all sort of incompetence and shortcomings hurled at the force most of the personnel are still dedicated in performing the trust.

Having said the above I perceived the Police Force still have plenty more rooms for improvement with the above theme:

TEGAS : A police personnel should enforced the law diligently without fear or
ADIL : Discretion and tactical must be applied on its merit.
BERHEMAH : Must be proud of the profession chose and earn the respect and not to
demand respect.

How to achieved these goals?

1. One must first be interested in the job and not just to earn a living then
2. Dedication will follow.
3. Dedication comes with knowledge ie, one must strive to be well verse in his job
4. Mind set of police personnel need to be moderated, not only persecuting but also

Another step taken by the IGP was to abolish cadets recruitment but revert to inspectorate intake only. I commended this. This action will enable all these young officers experienced the real task of police work from the lowest of the officers rank and will soon understand nature faced by their subordinates.It is easier to give command but it is difficult to carry out the command.

Lastly I wish well to our Royal Malaysian Police.

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