Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Prosperous Malaysia

Pakatan Perak Assembly convened under a tree. Hee! Hee! Hee!.

What a scenario, it really made me to recollect a few instances of jokes made during my younger days.

A friend came and told me the history of "teh tarik" and why those days these stores found under shady trees and operated by mamaks (indian muslim). It seems as the story goes,these mamaks will come to Malaysia(Malaya at that time) and earn their living by putting up teh tarik stalls and when with some profit and enough fare they will return to India (by sea bording Rajulla vessel) and the new batch of mamaks will take over the business.

So to encourage the new batch,the will tell the new recruits, that they should have no fear, because in Malaya money can easily be obtained even under the tree. Due to that, those days alot of teh tarik stalls found under the tree .

Coming back to our YB Siva probably he tried to emulate that or maybe just what he had seen in Indian/Hindi movies whereby the headman or village influential man will convene a sought of kangaroo court.

What has become of Pakatan? Can't you for the outcome of Nizar's suit? Sometime certain issues has no short cut so try to show your maturity, competency and independence. Is never easy to be a true leader.

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