Monday, March 23, 2009

What A Joke!

Let Pak Lah serve out his term - malaysiakini

Let him him go that would be more appropriate to suggest. We all have seen a lot of uncertainties and chaos. Since he wishes to draw the curtain down, let us bless him. probably with god's willing Malaysia will be more respected than ever.

On the Prime Minister in waiting if that is realized, he is not a stupid man. I am sure he is well informed of situations against him and also for him. Do we want to be given a chance, I am sure all of do, so be it that is his destiny and we the rakyat observe and used our rights legitimately even before GE13 rather than annoying others and break all conventions.

I urge Malaysian to rationalized our thought and see things in a bigger scope and not to be so prejudice on what you hear. Politicians are politicians we the ordinary rakyat must be FASTIDIOUS in our action for nothing else but HARMONY.

For a nation to be prosperous she must be harmonious first.

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