Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dato Sri Najib - Go ahead take office

Why there are so much excitements over the choice of Dato Sri Najib being appointed as the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia? Just adopt some patience and wait until April 3rd. After all he was unanimously voted to be the UMNO President and by BN convention he should be appointed as the Prime Minister though the appointment is not UMNO President's right.

2.Is it because of his acquaintanceship with his aide,whom was charged and was acquitted and discharged? How superficial the mind of that person. For those contended that Najib deep his finger, produce the evidences and proceed with what ever avenues permissible by Malaysian laws.

3.Please not to undermine the citizen of Malaysia with the hidden agendas,we are not so naive especially, these groups do have law professionals to advise, why don't a proper action(s) being taken rather than shouting here and there like an empty vessel.

4. The same old song had been played umpteen times but nothing resolved and ironically their own back yard has yet to be cleansed, one after another bad apples detected. But there is always an excuse. We don't need politicians with excuses.

5.If these so call future alternative leaders having integrity and are fighting for equity, they should have learned the mistakes committed by BN leaders but to what are being observed the shortcomings are more or less the same 5x2=10 or 2x5=10.

6. More than 50 years of independent one should have identified how to have good a governance ie,NOT TO REPEAT THE SAME BN'S MISTAKES OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

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