Saturday, April 4, 2009

One Malaysia,People First and Performance Now.

Congratulation! Dato Sri Najib on your appointment.

The maiden speech of the sixth Prime Minister has drawn his road map.

The gist:

1.Revision of ISA,
2.Enhance the confidence of citizen towards law and order enforcement,
3.Vigilant on the real security threats,
4.Reaching the young nation,
5.Reshaping priorities by the government and to reach the rakyat,
6.Political stability,
7.Identifying talent among the citizen (to energize public service) and
8.sow the seed of goodwill,to harvest progress and prosperity.

Let us all give a chance to our new PM and be positive about it, those out there please keep your wish list to yourself. But a word of caution for the PM, be meticulous in choosing WHO WILL ASSIST YOU.It is worthless to draw out the best plan if the implementation FAILED.

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