Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Arrest-happy cops - Bar Council cries foul - MALAYSIAKINI

I just can't help feeling disgusted by all the ticks especially from the bar council. Nothing seems right to this group the so call law practitioners. Are all of them actually sound and expert in this field or just projecting that they are the untouchables just because they have a scroll, license to practice and using the right words for convincing? I for one, will have my fullest admiration if this entity prominently display a more neutral and impartial stand and less incline to pejudice minus preponderance. Yes! I am no expert but, any normal average person would be able to distinguish from the body language.

What can actually be done? Article 10(1)(b) stipulated the right of an assembly but in the same article 10(2) (b) allows Parliament to legislate preventive laws and to regulate it. Since both actions permissible by the constitution the best to resolve that the council can do is to advise a redress in court of law for act of ultra vires by the police. By this action it will reduced public's confusion.

The police, though I extend my appreciation for generally Malaysia is still a peaceful country, I would suggest to be more professional and ever ready for any kind of task within the ambit of police powers. Perform your entrusted responsibilities diligently and earnestly. The police force if not the most but one of most interacted organization with the public. Members of the force, it is timely that they must at all time on their toes to address situations and must not fumble in executing their duties. Served the public with dignity and justify your actions convincingly and not out of spite

I urged the public and that include the politicians, just be a good , law abiding and civilized citizen. Channel your grouses, dissatisfaction, shortcomings, etc. through a proper forums or avenues. For example we have our representatives whom we have voted for every five years or less and even qualify them to earn allowances and perks go and visit them if they don't come to you. What are they for? They have the proper platforms to voice the people's grievances but if they chose to incite the people for street demonstrations or any sort of assembly that might contravening the laws or might endanger public order or security then they are not at all competent. A representative should be able to use the right forums or platforms to raise his/her obligations and must have the ability to influence the contentions and secure the consideration of the majority,then he or she is rightfully there.

As for the police force, they are also human and let us all admit and be brave despite the exceptions we, Malaysian, still continue to live in peace and harmony. If anyone feels he can contribute and sacrifice better, join the force serve the nation. I will salute you. Let us not demoralize them but contribute positively and constructively, just for one goal, PEACE AND HARMONY just that.


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