Friday, June 12, 2009

How much lower can you go-Mr Prime Minister, Sir.

Since GE12 we have seen more and more of inconsistencies of Barisan Nasional highlighted to the knowledge of Malaysian. The core issue, was conspicuously not on the veracity of Barisan Nasional flaws but more of heating the already steaming water.

I am confident, an organisation like Barisan Nasional is less short of procedures to uphold the already tarnished image from being tormented further by the party component members. Maybe the cry of foul will be heard by this remark and perceived undemocratic but will free for all is good for the survival of Barisan Nasional?

First was Gerakan, then the PPP and now opinion votes by MCA, displayed and inclination of protest or if I may say "a threat" for Barisan Nasional. Apart from the quiting signal, issues like one multiracial party, second chinese deputy prime minister, supporting the return of the communist guierilla, vernacular schools, scholarships etc etc etc.

I contemplated on two choices, one if the component really wish to go let them go and if they want to be a part in governing this country do it earnestly and resolve all hiccups within. If those components are race based party there are so many other ways and approaches to champion their race. What Barisan Nasional must now do are, to win the Malaysian confidence. A few that I can suggest. One the confident in Judiciary, why the written judgment was not released to the defending counsel, this issue must be accounted for, not just keeping silence, two, the allegation of Police incompetency and brutality, clear and comprehensible explanation must be given, of course without compromising the enforcement of the law, thirdly education policy, do not held back issues for too long and do not introduced new policies when the older not resolved.

Emphasis should also be avoided on one ethnic, it must be spread over equally. Since the illegal hindraf, the government seems to project on what goods have been accorded to this community, have the malay, chinese, iban, kadazan, dusun already have enough? That goes the same to the liberalization of certain economy products, all must be made clear and comprehensible.

As muslim we believed in predestination(foreordained) just do what best for all, and never to harm others and be fair to yourself too, Mr. Prime Minister, Sir. We have pride too.

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