Saturday, June 6, 2009


Can we play a new song? Though the lyrics changed but the melody was similar but not identical. Why some are so hard on these issues, can they try to see in the positive direction? Must it be only their flavors? This has becoming unwholesome habits.

Are these three entities so that worthless? Even some perceived from top to bottom are incompetent. How one evaluate their competency and fairness? What are the benchmarks ? Can we prejudged when we ourselves are lopsided? Before we adjudged a certain acts or decisions or for that matter a dissenting opinion, we should evaluate by adopting few principles and considerations and not to be so narrow with one track mind just because of some unpleasant and unacceptable situations or do not construed to your kind of perception(s), We can't expect all bright and sunny for 365 days? If we wish to champion the righteousness and fairness let us ourselves be right and fair first. Let us avoid being a parrot or a preacher who preaches but does not practice.

One must not be rigid in perceiving an issue or issues, exploration must be made less emotion and worse to indulge with vengeance and hostility. As matured and intellectual citizen, there are so many legitimate outlets to highlight or address any grievances apart from the confrontational ideology. The hush steps or approaches will not only unresolved anything but will only sparked tensions and demoralization, and not forgetting the public overall confidence. Don't these sort of actions tantamount to deceitfulness?

Last but not least for those critics, if they are better and qualified, be a member in any one of those entities and resolve the misrepresentation of these entities and stop the bow wow.

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