Friday, January 15, 2010

Heroic or Arrogance

Being an elected a law maker one should reflect a classic exemplary to the citizens. Though being elected, one is not above the law and it is the responsibility of each individual citizen to facilitate and assist in upholding the sovereignty of the law.

One can conclude whatever perceptions on how the laws are being enforced but as a responsible citizen, one must abide by what had been legislated. Time and again those refused to be investigated will seek all avenues of this

Ironically, there are people who supported such an act in the name of ones right. If we agree to that contention, where is the sovereignty of the law then? Respecting his position as a Chief Minister the police have to travel all the way to seek his cooperation but all the time and money just gone to waste. Does this resembled an heroic and considerate attitude or more of arrogant and lack of intelligence? I shall not conclude.

Was he the same person who was shouting about competency, accountability and transparency. If he is the one, then he must be transparent about the allegation thrown at him and reflect his competency to address the allegation but not to hide on technicalities which does not reflects that he is accountable for his act .

What is the fuss, the authority just need his cooperation and wished to record what he has to say about the alleged seditious remarks made by him or any other subject matters on why his cooperation is needed. If he so believed of his innocence so be it. After all recording of a witness statement under section 112 of the CPC can be abstained if so the questions are incriminating as stipulated under section 112 (2) of the CPC.

Should there be any evident to prove conspiracy or premeditated collusion then he has all the renowned lawyers to file for redress, so why the worries and agitations.

By hiding behind some minor points if any, Lim just gave another bad perceptions of himself as an elected lawmaker. Whether we like it or not it would have some impact on the public. May it be to the sovereignty of the law or the integrity of law enforcement agencies. Come on! Mr. CM this is not the way to garner popularity or publicity, prove, it is a "fair comment". Earn your respect, do not demand it

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