Tuesday, September 9, 2008

General - with lame or without soldiers

Reports from all sources may it be mainstream or malaysiakini on Ahmad Ismail provocative remarks has placed AAB in a fix. AAB is now really in trouble. He is now forced to sacrifice a scapegoat. Why so, because he has to choose between Umno/malay Prime Minister or the Prime Minister for Malaysian. With his flip flop decision will he be able to convince all the Malaysian? I wonder, what will he be doing next?

Looking at all situations I am skeptical of his ability.

1. 08 March 2008, he lost his home state to PR.

2. 26 August with only on parliament seat by election and with all the resources under his command he still unable to win.

3. Again all the 13 UMNO branches in his home state including his own Kepala Batas UMNO branch supported Ahmad Ismail actions despite his call to Ahmad Ismail to apologize which never happened.

4. This is one of the price of freedom and probably AAB would like to give a second thought on "HOW FREE IS FREEDOM".

5. Official reports lodged against him for abusing his UMNO presidential position by Dato' Mazlan and many more of his flip flop decisions and stands.

He is left with either the lame soldiers or soon if he prolonged, without any soldiers.

What shall be the action of AAB? Drawing the curtain down and pass the batton to someone with integrity and competency is not something coward to do if the scope is for the nation.

What I am afraid, mid 2010 may be too late to condone.


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