Friday, May 22, 2009

Can he be accorded a Patriot Stature ?

I would like to concur to some who made believed that Chin Peng had contributed to the Malaysian independence. Is it so? A patriot, one who loves, supports and defends one's country and owes allegiance to that nation. Is he or was he at that time?

One can argue, he and his CPM guerrilleros were also involved during the second world war against the Japanese. Why the involvement? If he was so patriotic to defend Malaya, why can't he and his loyalist sign up with the British army or the recognized volunteer units,example Home Guards or Special Constablary to defend the country. Was there any necessity to stage a guerrilla styled warfare? Guerrilla defined, a member of an irregular, politically motivated, armed force that fights regular forces or freedom fighter, partisan, irregular, underground fighter, member of the underground or resistance.

What Chin Peng should have done was to laid down his weapon(s) disband his guerrilleros and surrender when the government lifted the state of emergency July 1960, rather chose self exiled China. Why must he ran away, may be to reorganize and it is true enough he came back and started the insurgency from 1967 to 1989.? After giving all the hardships and miseries to the citizen of Malaysia he has the cheek wanting to come back to Malaysia with just a justification that he is old and wish to die in Malaysia. Why don't he contemplated this before.

How about the security forces who defended Malaysia and lost their lives and the miseries suffered by their love ones. Do those sympathizers and the so call broadminded universal intellectuals gave a fair recognition ? Can we just adopt "let the by gone be the by gone", it is that simple? How about those innocent civilians murdered and tortured during their ambushes and the anguished of remote kampong folks forced to live under these guerrilleros threats and having to supply food and so on. Do anybody care and sympathize the woes of those murdered posterity? What sin has these folks committed? Do these Malaysians supporting the return of Chin Peng only think of this one person, how about the many more suffered because of him and his conceited ideologies? He has wasted his opportunities.

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