Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gerakan Penang Say It Again

Gerakan to Najib: Let Chin Peng come home May 20, 09 4:13pm

Is this person ought to return to Malaysia?

On September 1955, the then Government of Federation of Malaya issued a declaration of Amnesty until its withdrawal on July 1957 why can't he surrender?

Again on July 1960, the Malayan Government declared the state of emergency over, why don't he surrendered? Instead renew the communist insurgency from 1967 t0 1989 after he got the inspiration during his stay in China that SEA is ripe for a revolution.

Is this an act of a PATRIOT?

How about those who died defending the sovereignty of the country, under a legitimate government? How about their melancholy losing their love ones and the harships they have to go through? Do anybody care?

I urged Gerakan not to create populist issues, it is best to contemplate and concentrate how best Gerakan can contribute for the betterment of Barisan Nasional and winning the trust of the people. Barisan Nasional component parties should by now speak one language and dance to one tune and any differences should be under closed door deliberation. Emulate some good understandings adopted by Pakatan Rakyat. There are plus and minus in everybody.



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