Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Perak impasse, tussle, debacle, struggle, dismay name anything but one certainty the credibility of both camps are questionable. The actions taken by both entity just beyond redemption. They are clouded with their own contentions, without sparing the well being of the rakyat and the image of the country. Were their actions termed as patriotism? Whoever concur with all those actions by so call people's representatives must be idiosyncrasy.

It is a convention and the general acceptance of Democracy, whichever camp succeeded even with one majority will prevail. Why this general understanding cannot be adhered, where are the moral values and obligations by these elected representatives ?

1.Since His Highness withheld the dissolution of the state assembly, why BN failed to seek an audience with His Highness to call for an emergency sitting of the assembly, instead hastily wanting to form a new government. Is this prudent?

2.PR knowingly it had lost the majority, the most honourable action was to hand over the baton to BN. But instead without anything to substantiate alleged BN of robbing the government and the chaos started.

If only both parties have the rakyat and rakyat's interest in their hearts all these uncertainties and impasses will never have taken place at all. But since these representatives are the choices of Perak voters then why the blamed?

Whatever happened had happened. We can now identify the flaws and shortcomings. Should a snap election realized, the voters of Perak do not make the same mistake again. May be we need a new set of more prudent and responsible representatives whom we can call LEADERS and not troublemaker.


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