Thursday, May 14, 2009


Are we sure we want the SNAP ELECTION or ................

When tsunami swept GE12, all the political parties were caught unexpectedly. I recalled Secretary General of DAP during a press interview said they wanted to be given a chance but did not expect the overwhelming support by the voters, which saw the changed in Malaysian political landscape.

Even the big brother, BN couldn't help it but forced to accept the choices of the people. Five states, one territory and reduction of two third majority in parliament representations.

Why can't the PR government of Perak behave the same of BN, conceded gracefully when the majority is not in their favour anymore. Is BN to be blamed when three of their state representatives turned away from them? Shouldn't PR checked on themselves before pointing at others.

PR was being given a chance and missed it why must others be blamed. It is more decent and honourable to concede and stir a sentiments among the people. The truth is the people if not all the majority have been living harmoniously if not because of the politicians. It has caused so much of uncertainties, stop it and refrain from worsening the situation. Accept the fact, that they have FAILED and maybe they are only good as auditors. Good in checking others but not themselves. The people did not ask for the snap election except PR and their supporters just to MEND their WEAKNESSES.


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