Monday, May 18, 2009

Congratulation Barisan Nasional a WISE MOVE

Confirmed! BN not contesting in Penanti reported by Malaysiakini 18May 2009.

I am extending my appreciation for the wise decision made. Yes! rakyat first and with the gloomy economy more attention must be focused towards the rakyat well being. There is always a first time though some will perceived an act of coward or lack of confident. I urged all BN supporters to remain cool and consolidate BN sincerely.

I foresee it is not much of an impact to PR but more to PKR defacto leader as his music seems out of tune and there is no cha cha can be performed.

I also called upon the PM to ensure the well being of Penanti constituents will not be left in the cold.Strategize BN resources to win their confidence and extend the reasons for BN not contesting, especially to BN loyal supporters. There shouldn't be double standard in serving the rakyat, if confidence of the constituents are expected. "Retreat is no defeat." BN supporters just
ignore the provocative remarks which are very very much expected.

Decision have to be prudent and wise. Well done again


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