Monday, May 18, 2009

Is this The WISH of Malaysian ?

Revoke order or it's war, warns Hindraf - reported by Malaysiakini 18 May 2009

Is this what peace loving majority Malaysians want? As the citizen of Malaysia I urged the government to face it with dignity and not to bend to this ridiculous demand, after all hindrat has been outlawed.

There are ample avenues for Malaysian to seek remedy or redress and please not to resort to something which might annoy others. Apart from the agencies available, we also have the representatives, may it in Parliament or State Assemblies. What are they there for? There are paid and enjoying all the perks, make sure they work effectively and not just a mere noise maker and incite the rakyat. If they are not competent discard them in the next election or compel them to resign. These representatives have an obligations to the rakyat unless their skin are so very thick.

Malaysia is not short of intellectuals and believed me, there are more intellectuals compared a decade ago. Are we saying the more intellectuals produced, the more destructive we will be or we prefer a more civilized approaches commensurate to more numbers of intellectuals? Do liberalization has its limit? Let us be more sensible, be intelligent rather than emotional!


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