Monday, May 18, 2009

Threats To Racial Solidarity

Malaysian in quandary. The state of not being able to decide in this difficult situation faced by Malaysian and will it jeopardize Malaysian racial solidarity? What a waste after all the painstaking by our forefathers to forge the understanding and supports among the citizen of different ethnics in Malaysia, suddenly after GE12 all the framework disappeared. Has mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions vanished from the Malaysian caring society? What are the impediments to an integrated society?

The core or the fundamental aspect to culminate racial solidarity is a clear comprehension of the Federal Constitution, and why it was legislated such a manner. It is imperative for the authority to make the constitution comprehensible to avoid being misconstrued by those having their hidden agendas.

Another positive step is the segregation of school by various ethnics policy to be examined, to one desegregation school? The racial integration should be nurtured from young and tender age. It has been proven, to infuse good values it should begin at this young age. Why this is not achieved after 52 years of independent? Malaysian is still locked with their own ethnics demand of priorities. I am more surprised after 52 years of independent there are citizen of Malaysia (born after Merdeka) failed to speak Bahasa Melayu which is the national language of the country, and are seeking the transport minister consideration to assist them in JPJ Public Service Vehicle test. So are we actually going anywhere as far as racial integration and solidarity is concerned? Those taxi drivers are the front runner at Malaysia gate-way. What kind of impression will it reflex? This are the basic initiative if the government wish to realize One Solidarity Malaysian.

With the opportunity of exposures and education, Malaysian by right should not have any difficulties in forging the racial solidarity but sadly we are still in suspicion mood, and every entity is trying to champion their own ethnic, WHY AND WHERE DID IT GO WRONG?


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