Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just a Reflex of Gratitute

Hindraf trio freed, Uthaya rejects conditional release
Uthaya rejects conditional release

Time and again, we have seen nobody came out victorious for hostility and arrogant. What more these acts can be clamped. We should always be prudent in our actions, and not only perceived victorious but victorious in it true sense.

By demonstrating hostility and arrogance will not lead anybody to any destination except the catastrophe rendezvous.

One must at all time remember, what are objectives and once achieved, are we able to enjoy what we have accomplished? How about those disgruntled? Do you think they will just swallowed and be done with it?

I urged,the most recent dismal at Preak State Assembly will not end easily, please do not put salt to the wound. All leaders some how or rather have some reasonable common sense on how the issues need to be addressed prudently and diplomatically. One good example is the election, but if such an issue needs urgent attention we have state or parliament representatives to voice the rakyat grievances. If these representatives failed then we throw them out. Why must we keep these empty vessels who can only make loud noise but failed to influence and justified the grievances.

We are in the 21st century, for heaven-sake let us not go back to the uncivilized years when victory determined by physical strength. All are blessed with intelligence, optimized it.

Whatever our contentions, our younger generation are observing, do we want them to emulate the indignant approaches?


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