Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mat Rempit Nuisance

Though long overdue, but it is not too late for some stringent measures to be taken. If no effective measures taken, it is feared some good intention vigilante will emerge as reported by Utusan Malaysia ( Kematian suspek bukan kerana polis cuai).

I urged the relevant authorities, will have the initiatives to plan their deployment as not to be perceived as bad planning or "melepas batuk ditangga" On last Mat rempit operation (about two weeks) it was noticed from the video captured during the news one of the suspected Mat Rempit ride through the road block and the personnel on duty can only waved his torchlight. It is professional? On a separate incident, the alertness of personnel manning the road block was also suspected with the escape of the driver who rammed the police vehicles. The question again were there commitments while performing their duties?

Apart from the respective authorities plan their deployment, I call upon the rakyat to also be honourable and respect the laws of the country. Whatever differences in perception, beliefs and pribciples, do it in a proper channels intelligently as a civilised society.

Politicians, I hope all the uncalled politicking be halt and serve us the rakyat and proof it to us which party can serve the rakyat better.

Do we the rakyat who wish to live in harmony though may be minority, be spared?

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