Thursday, May 7, 2009

Perak State assembly Fracas

Have a new Perak state election. That is an easy way out but costly
and inconvenient.

The elected representatives who are they really are? Are they a law
abiding citizens, prudent or remorse representatives? Is sincerity
being uphold by these elected representatives or there are agendas
by both parties in refusing to give up the power grabbing? Are the
state stability and rakyat prosperity are their priorities or their
pride and credibility are more at stake?

Before a new election can be contemplated members from these entities
should have deliberated and resolved amicably.

One should go back to the basic on the formation of a government in
the context of Democracy in Malaysia.

a. Previous government should have summoned all PR representatives
whilst enjoying the majority supports once their intelligence
disclosed there might be some of the elected representatives are
contemplating of jump ship.

b. PR should have convened an emergency sitting to ascertain the
the government still enjoy the support of the majority.

c. If the majority support swayed to BN than ethically PR should
passed the baton to BN with dignity but not to misled his highness
to dissolve the assembly and seek fresh election.

PR instead of being adamant,it will perceived noble and respectful,if
the wishes of his highness was respected.

To retreat does not construed defeat on the contrary it will perceived
the maturity of PR and rakyat comes first.

of the rakyat.

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