Monday, May 11, 2009

Nizar Prevailed - Is Justice Done?

Another blow for BN on their credibility and competency.

The root cause of this limbo was the hasty actions of BN to form the
state government and presumably all actions were under their legal
scrutiny and advisement.

The dilemma worsen, Perak has MB from the minority though the majority
held by BN is also shaky.What is the best solution to be taken?

1. Will his highness dissolve the assembly?
2. Will the legitimate MB called for an emergency and face the vote?
3. Will BN explore to force emergency sitting?

Another history was created, a minority rule the state just like the CPM
ruled Malaya after the Japanese surrendered and before the returned of

Who was responsible on the taking over of the state government?
Was it DS Najib or he flip flop?
Who was the boss then?

DS Najib said,"government does not know all" maybe we can also add
one more, leaders do not not know all also otherwise this shambles
first of all will not took place at the expense of the rakyat.Just
imagined the tense, animosity, the cost,humiliations,just for what,
Power Tussling.

"Nobody is Always Right,Greed is Root of All Evil,Vengence is an Act of Devil."


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