Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Was Injustice Done at DUN Kota Alam Shah

'Voters knew the risks, so don't quit'- from Malaysiakini

PR knew very well the candidate to contest for DUN Kota Alam Shah is ISA detainee. But why he was chosen?

1.Was PR running out of capable candidates?
2.Was it one of the way to secure his release?
3.Was it a choice to win support from hindraf?
4.Was the choice deliberately done to play the constituents'sentiments?

Should there be any by-election I hope not, the Kota Alam Shah
constituents need to open their minds and eyes wider as not to be fooled by this kind of act that is definitely waste of time and money.

Good Luck!


Hamba said...

The true injustice was to jail someone without trial. What if the ADUN was voted by the constituent but later was detained under ISA? Are you blaming the ADUN for offering him/herself as candidate? Blame the Party OR???? Think about it...The issue is not about Manoharan..the issue is ISA, Freedom, Democracy and Malaysia...And believe me the majority of the people see UMNO and BN have no part in their future Malaysia....

warongkopi56 said...

Dear Hamba,thank you for your contribution.

Point noted ISA is not the norm,
as far as natural justice is concerned.One should not fear of any punitive laws as along as they are law abiding citizen and are conscious of the limits to everything.

The issue at hand is the act to put Manoharan as candidate for Kota Alam Shah's constituency when PR is aware of his detention.

May be there are numerous act of BN perceived injustice but why must PR emulated the same.PR should do it right the first time.

How much can a curtailed person achieved to serve? If so ISA is a draconian set of law,PR representatives should use other diplomatic intelligence to convince the government but not through demonstrations or other acts that might erupt into anarchy.

What ever the approaches may be, it should be a win win situation. Emotion must not cloud the mind to win a battle.


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