Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Allegiance, Neutrality and ............

Which do you prefer, a loyal worker or a work to rule worker? The question seems immanent and all depend on the circumstances and nature of a particular organization.

In organization the like PDRM, MACC or any other law enforcement agencies inclusive the government civil service, what best of adaptation should be adopted? Allegiance to the "master" or neutrality; without fear or favor? Which will be much preferred, either one or combination of both?

Inculcating allegiance in one organization perceived, the consolidation of the organization and those protected by it. It is good in the context of organizations of the above? The answers yes! on certain aspects and No! on another.

Being neutral, is it better, steadfast and without fear or favor? Can the poor soul survived? If it is a profit base organization he or she won't be there for long but, it will be different for a non profit organization. Why, left to be explored.

Can the combination be the remedy? Much to be desired. Some seemingly so, but if it so, why MACC needed to come in. I do not think corruption is one of the elements of allegiance neither its falls under neutrality. How about the abused of power and the actions of ultra vires? These two elements also did not depict the concept of allegiance and neutrality.

What other additional spices missed to make it tastier? Well, additional combination can be humanity, honesty, prudent, transparent and endless. Do all situations required similar approach, I contended with a NO!, and what actually the imperative elements? Nothing else but, INTELLIGENCE.

It will be desirable, if all the personnel in the government sectors realized the expectations and not perceived they are of higher stature.

In avoiding from being preconceived preference, the public, should apply a non prejudicial and non conceited attitude towards these agencies.

Pardon me for this assertion, the demoralization of these agencies were partially contributed by certain groups of the public. These groups of opportunist behaved like a hungry vultures, just looking for the unaware prey to vilify a particular agency. As a responsible citizen and to move forward, we the public also need the right attitude while dealing with any government agency.

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