Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do you smoke now?

Having read The Malaysian Insider MACC chief plays coy, frustrates PAC probe into PKFZ 6.24.09

It was easier said than done. At least somebody is tasting their own medicine. Losing temper is one of the phenomenon which can never be excluded in any task of inquiry or interrogation. You break it, good for you, but if otherwise it is anybody's guess what will transpired after that.

In fact this particular task had been haunting any enforcement agencies in their truly efforts to solve crimes or deadlocks. People are not stupid anymore,and aware of their fundamental rights and situation worsen with the support rallied behind them to turn villain to hero. This is reality. No pain, no gain. Can gain attained without pain?

My point, every human being has their own break-point and just a matter of time or situation for their true colours be seen. May it be for those who are conducting the interrogation or those being interrogated.

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