Saturday, June 20, 2009

Human Rights - This is not a Denial Syndrome

Human rights are not exclusive to suspects only, says police

I hail, the Deputy Inspector General Of Royal Malaysian Police and he has got his points, and a fair comment. The police personnel are all human too, and they have their obligations to protect the security, as well as of the nation and simultaneously upholding the sovereignty of the law.

Most of the times, the public perceived members of the organization as one hell of heartless people. They are human after all, and just like anyone of us, emotion is one of the elements of human being. The imperative question is to how this emotion should be contained. It is very essential that this module be emphasized and elaborated of the consequences if condoned.

Police dilemma, the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect the law" ; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order."

I hope, we the civil society, while pursuing and ideal life, not to fall short of respecting the majority rights.

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