Tuesday, June 30, 2009

IPCMC the ongoing debate.

Is it very true if IPCMC being implemented the flaws of The Royal Malaysian Police will be resolved? Is it also true the rejection was an act by the government to please the malay cops? Before we touch on the effectiveness of IPCMC, can we be made aware on the ratio between the malay cops and the other races. How many of the non malay cops are sincerely willing to join the police force? Are all the non malay cops actually for the implementation of IPCMC or was the rejection made collectively?

The introduction of IPCMC as I perceived, was just an idea put forward by the previous government with the intention of introducing something different. As a result of it, it has become a laughing stock, just like the popular phrase NATO (no action talk only). This was one of the wrong decision made by the previous government. By setting up a commission to probe the force's competency and integrity, the previous government had allowed the credibility of the force being questioned. What has become to the force now, where has the previous government placed the public's confident on the police force? When you do not respect the law enforcement body,do you also respect the law?

Once before, the police powers were being disputed, by the what was established through the debates, IPCMC if accepted will be vested with a magnitude of powers under the guise of impartiality, how long that will be a fact?

Now and then, we have been made aware on the amendments of various punitive laws, with more stringent measures and punishments. Are those laws actually effective? Drugs Act punishable by death just for a small possession but has the result been encouraging? The latest Malaysia has been identified as human traficking point what are we going to do about that, introduce what or implement what?

We can have the best of everything, but as long as there is no sense of responsibility,belonging, patriotic and sincerity nothing will materialised. You can have one thousand and one slogans but with no sincere participations and commitments nothing can be realised. Let us all holistically asked ourselves, which side we are in; the group which needed the law to protect themselves when they are only in need or the group who respected the law at all times?

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