Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Frustrated villagers want Lim to quit - Kampong Buah Pala

Who else is more reliable if not the father to come to the rescue.

Quoted from The Malaysian Insider by the older Lim

He blamed the problem on the previous Penang Gerakan state government which had sold the 2.6 hectare land to a private developer, at RM10 a square foot.

Lim said the developer is planning to build 490 condominium units and had estimated the development value to be RM150 million, leaving the present state government to deal with the mess.( The Malaysian Insider 01.07.09)

Quoted from Malaysiakini by the younger Lim

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng slams Hindraf over the Kampung Buah Pala controversy and claims that the movement has been infiltrated by BN collaborators. (Malaysiakini 01.07.09)

Both statements, the father and the son has one thing in common, blamed others and not themselves. Have they forgotten why Koh Tsu Koon and company was not returned? Since they are so confident that they are more capable why don't DAP led state government put things on the right track. The opportunity is just right infront of their doorstep, why slamped the door? Did anyone hear we are the rakyat's champion? Has the CAT ran away twice?

Come on, if you wish to take a government, you must have the expertise to rectify the irregularities. The rakyat is just interested on their well being and not just to listen to excuses and "tai-chis." The Kampong Buah Pala issue was raised about two years ago, what are the proactive actions taken by the state government while waiting for the court final decision? I presumed the CAT ( competency, accountability and transparency) really ran away for good.

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