Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Is the Prime Minister that arrogant?

Nazri maintains stand against Dr M over BTN course - NST 09.12.09

quote; "Now, under Datuk Seri Najib, we have 1Malaysia. So, surely we must have a curriculum which reflects 1Malaysia. We must make a change, that's important. We must make adjustments according to what Najib wants; he is the prime minister," he said at the lobby of Parliament House, here. unquote.

I recalled the predecessor of the current Prime Minister, who also brushed aside the views and critism of Tun Mahathir as asying," he can say anything he wants but I am the Prime Minister", but what had happened during GE12?

I do hope the Prime Minister do not see and feel what had been expressed by his Minister. The concept of one Malaysia, the most the government can achieved is just the surface and will not flow into the blood and that is reality.

You can pushed the concept into our throat but not in the mind and as the saying goes,"blood is thicker than water." Due to interest and threats the concept perceived accepted but does the acceptance genuine? Do revisit again. This saying used to be said, "earned your respect, do not force to be respected."

What seems fair, please comprehend what I have quoted from the post by blogger the unspinners MYSTERY: Apa pasal Nazri macam begini dalam isu BTN?

One of the comment that seems prudent and fair that I have quoted;
Anonymous said...

I am a Chinese. This is how I see Dr M's remaark.

He is consistent. As PM he knows the policy of BTN is not for racial purpose.

I don't think Dr M is racist. He help develop both Malay and Chinese. In fact, he was the one who got a lot of flak for liberalising University intake base on meritocrasy.

He is genuinely not racist but a concern statesman for his nation. When asked abt MCA, Dr M said in Langkawi that MCA leaders should think about their party and RACE and not themselves.

He knows that the survival of a race is dependent on each race and not others. But we as a nation must also think of the nation and be sensitive to other races problem. Understanding and respect to each other value and culture should be the key.

Nothing racial about talking about ones race.

Thus I do not agree with Nazri. Dr M is not racial. What he said of Malays is for his love of his own race and not meant to be antagonistoc towards other races.

Lim Siew Seng

If only this understanding can be incalculated in all Malaysian heads, Malaysia can be better than what it is now. This is not impossible, as one Malaysian has proven it.

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